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Re-Search 1.10

Re-Search 1.10: search information on the web with more than one search engine simultaneously. search information on the web with more than one search engine simultaneously. Use which one and use how many engines are all depends on you. Re-Search is a new way of web site search engine optimization that make your web search more effective. It is a personal engine, a great web searching tool, and a free web ferret. You can download this free search software on your desktop freely. Main features: >> Many search engines search the web for a target

Lazy Web Search 2.0: Search the web by marking text and pressing hot key
Lazy Web Search 2.0

Lazy Web Search is a popular web tool to search the web by hot key. With Lazy Web Search you can search the web from Microsoft Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, and even from Notepad. You don`t have to type keywords into search box anymore; just mark an appropriate text and press Ctrl + F12 key combination to see web search results. Enjoy!

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Website Submitter 4.0: Here is the easiest web semi-automated promotion tool for driving results.
Website Submitter 4.0

search engines are appearing every day. Keeping track of the latest offerings can be a monumental task. With Website Submitter, you won`t have to worry. It will always have the latest lists of search engines and directories. One of the most important tools for increasing your ranking in search engines is back links. Website Submitter helps you gain these important links by automatically submitting your sites to web directories as well as search engines

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FirstStop WebSearch Free Edition 5.0.3: Lightning fast multi engine web search and information discovery.
FirstStop WebSearch Free Edition 5.0.3

search engines to search a myriad of web sites simultaneously for a more comprehensive Internet experience. It provides a wonderful way for you and your family to search the web for school, work, or just for fun. * Search multiple engines all at once. - Use more than one search engine to get more comprehensive search results. * Quickly identify the most appropriate search results. - Search results are broken down by search sources, domains and countries

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AMC Personal Web Search 2.0a.17: Search the net with facilities not offered by commercial search engines.
AMC Personal Web Search 2.0a.17

searches of the web, rather than searching cached pages which can be days or weeks old. It will let you search without having to worry about your research for the murder mystery you`re writing being misinterpreted as a conspiracy to end civilization as we know it. No more difficult to use than a web-based search engine, Personal Web Search will give you unprecedented control over your searches, and help you find things on the web you never would

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Web Search Bar 1.10: Search multiple search engines with a single click
Web Search Bar 1.10

Web Search Bar is an Internet Explorer toolbar that allows you to enter search phrase and search for web matches from different search engines. The software features predefined URLs for Google, Yahoo, MSN Search, Ask Jeeves, AOL Search, Overture, Altavista, Netscape and is easily configurable allowing you to add search engines of your choice. This is a handy tool for a webmaster to research website search result position - and hey, it is free!

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Shetty Search 3.8: a free web searching software, no banner ads
Shetty Search 3.8

Shetty Search is an extremely fast web search tool that searches web through multiple search engines and shows all of the results in a single HTML file that is created on the fly. Very handy for doing mass search on some of the top engines. Shetty search now searches through 14 different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Alta vista, web crawler etc. No banner ads and it is a free software.

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